Summary of Proposed Research

Since it is now official, I’m pleased to share news of my candidacy in the doctoral program at Charles Sturt University.

Below is a brief summary of the proposed research that I will be exploring over the next few years:

Media convergence has led to new digital, multi-modal and hybrid forms of storytelling (i.e., transmedia storytelling) that encourage processes of participation, collaboration and remediation. Current research suggests that stories evolve across platforms and spaces through the sense making and information sharing practices of fan communities. Information behaviour as a critical lens represents a valuable and, as yet, underused approach to unraveling the individual and collective information practices generated by media convergence and transmedia storytelling. I propose to address this gap in the research by identifying and studying the information behaviours of transmedia fan communities. As such, the proposed project will seek to determine if and how media convergence is altering the ways in which consumers make sense of, engage with, and share narrative productions. Such a study has far-reaching implications in the discipline areas of Education and Information Studies, as well as in Arts, Media and Communications.

For the not-so-brief summary, have a look at the Transmedia Fan Communities project page.

Site update

The projects section has been updated with summaries of past and ongoing research. Publications associated with each project are now also linked on each page.

If you happen to have a particular interest in my research on the robot other or on video games, please drop me a line (via the email link in the header or in the comments section below). These projects are ongoing, and I’d welcome any discussion that might lead to new insights.


Cleaning House

Untitled by Salva López (Flickr)
Untitled by Salva López (Flickr)

I’m in the process of updating the publications and projects sections of the website, so that content from my various papers, conference presentations and other research activities are more easily accessible.

I’m starting by tracking down and uploading as many PDF copies of my papers, abstracts and handouts as possible. This is proving more challenging than I anticipated, as some of this content is now buried in backups of backups, on hard drives or flash drives filed away in some box or other over the course of two moves.

One small yet satisfying update includes making available the PDF copy of a chapter I published in 2014. I recently received the hard copy volume of Words, Worlds and Narratives, only to realize that the figure in the chapter had been misprinted. Fortunately, I had the original submission on hand. The PDF version on this website contains the figure as intended, and not as a remarkably more artistic but ultimately meaningless graphic.

So bear with me, dear reader, while I get my house in order. It will happen!